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Game server

Points: 357
Solves: 7

We are running a MMORPG game server, but turns out there are lots of troubles with it.
Yesterday the server was hacked and its executable (tfs_original) was replaced with another one (tfs_backdoor).

gameserver_binaries.tar.gz 5.6 MB

The server is still running the backdoored version and is located there:

Hint: If you are not familiar with the game, search for "how to play Tibia".

Hint: In order to run game client, you either have to compile it from sources or use vagrant.
If you have any trouble building the client, use vagrant up --provider=virtualbox command and the required environment should be set up automatically. If using vagrant, login/password are vagrant/vagrant and everything is in the /vagrant directory.

gameserver_client.tar.gz 7.4 MB

Challenge updates
March 16, 2019 at 7:47:54 PM UTC

Hint: You actually need to play a game for a few minutes in order to solve this task. Also note that NPCs can be talked with by saying "hi" or "hello".

The flag format is: p4{letters_digits_and_special_characters}.
If you have any questions, you can find our team-members at the IRC channel #p4team @ freenode.

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